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Who We Are

Serving the Guns since 1876


The Royal Canadian Artillery Association (“The RCAA”, “The RCA Association” or simply, “the Association”) was formed in Ottawa in 1876 as the Dominion Artillery Association with the object of developing and distributing gunner skills and conducting competitions. In 1895, it became the Dominion of Canada Artillery Association. It was incorporated by Act of Parliament as a not-for-profit organization in 1904 with the same object. The Act of Incorporation was amended in 1949 to change its purpose to, “The promotion of the efficiency and welfare of the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery and of all matters pertaining to the defence of Canada” and, to add “Royal” to its name.

It was the first of the Service Associations and was a charter member of the Conference of Defence Associations (CDA) when the latter was formed in 1932.

Since 1880, it has enjoyed the Distinguished Patronage of the Governor General of Canada.

The RCAA remains today a not-for-profit organization incorporated without share capital. It is also recognized as a registered charity by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Our Constitution

Constitution RCAA-AARC 2013, amended 20 October 2018


The promotion of the effectiveness and welfare of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery and of all matters pertaining to the defence of Canada.

Mission Elements

The elements of the RCAA’s mission are reflective of the RCA family Strategy and are stated as:

  • Monitor, support and promote the effectiveness of the Regiment
  • Nurture the Regiment as a National Family and Institution
  • Celebrate and safeguard our Regimental heritage
  • Connect with Canadians


An organization occupying a central position in the RCA Regimental Family; representative of all Canadian Gunners regardless of rank, whether serving or retired, regular or reserve; and, conducting its business in both official languages for the better good of the Regiment, its members and the defence of Canada.


  • The RCAA perceives The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery as being greater than the sum of its parts to include its institutions, associations and most important, all Gunners – regular, reserve and retired – as well as their families, friends and supporters.
  • The RCAA takes a long-term view, realizing that while units may come and go, The Royal Regiment lives on.
  • It believes that the Regiment is a national institution and, as such, requires governance capable of coordinating (and, in some non-operational issues – controlling) regimental affairs of concern to more than one unit, locale or region.
  • It cherishes the Regiment’s hard-won reputation for being “on time and on target”.
  • It believes that the Regiment’s heritage is worth recording, preserving and displaying.
  • It takes pride in the fact that the Regiment provides a wide range of operational capabilities to the Army and the CAF.
  • It believes that the integrity of the Regiment should be maintained in both war and peace, including the maintenance of a nation-wide structure of Regular Force and Reserve Gunner units and their capabilities.


The following are the four categories of Membership available within the RCAA.

Ordinary Members

All serving Artillery members of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery.

Retired or former serving Artillery members of the Canadian Armed Forces who have paid the annual individual membership fee.

The fee for Ordinary Membership shall be at a rate that may from time to time be determined at an Annual General Meeting.

Associate Members

Serving or retired members of other Canadian Forces occupational classifications or other Artillery Officers of NATO or other Commonwealth forces acceptable to the Association and who have paid the annual individual membership fee.

Civilian persons who have a special interest in the affairs of The Royal Canadian Artillery Association, who have paid the annual individual membership fee, and who are acceptable to the Association.

The fee for Associate Membership shall be at a rate that may from time to time be determined at an Annual General Meeting.

Life Members

While there are no specific criteria for Life Membership in the RCAA, such membership will normally be granted to those members who have made a career of service to The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery.

Any serving or retired member of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery may make application to become a Life Member of the RCAA. An Ordinary Member may propose any serving or retired member for life membership in the RCAA.

Such application or proposal shall be submitted to the Secretary accompanied by the Life Membership Fee and a service history of the applicant or nominee.

Such properly constituted application shall be examined by the Executive Committee who may grant the application/nomination for Life Membership and so inform the member in writing.

The fee for Life Membership shall be at a rate that may from time to time be determined at an Annual General Meeting.

Elected Honorary Life Members

Any person who is deemed to have rendered outstanding service to the Artillery may be elected an Honorary Life Member of the Association at an Annual General Meeting. His/her record of service in The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery will normally be the dominant factor in selection.

Nominations should be submitted to the Secretary 30 days before an Annual General Meeting accompanied by reasons, and where applicable, by a service history. Such nominations will be examined by the Executive Committee who may submit their recommendations to the Annual General Meeting.

Voting will be by all eligible voters present on each name submitted


Affiliated Units

  • Artillery Regiments;
  • Independent Artillery Batteries;
  • The RCAS;
  • The RCA Museum;
  • The RCA Band; and
  • RHQ RCA.

Affiliated Associations

Other Artillery Associations that are local community based or national in scope, may apply to become an Affiliated Association of the RCAA with the approval of the Executive Committee. There are no dues required for an Association to become affiliated.

The purpose for Affiliation is primarily one of information sharing and communication; however Affiliated Associations are expected to encourage their members to become members of the RCAA. Dues for membership in the RCAA may be collected by the Affiliated Association and paid in bulk to the RCAA, but the membership and associated rights belong to the individual and not the Affiliated Association.

Representatives of Affiliated Associations attending the RCAA Annual General Meeting must hold membership in the RCAA.

Rights of Membership

At the Annual General Meeting all members who have paid their dues will have the privilege of full participation in the proceedings to include voting.

All Members may propose a resolution to an Annual General Meeting providing that another Member seconds it.


The RCA Association is governed in accordance with its Constitution and By-laws which in turn are founded on its Act of Incorporation.

The RCAA has a two-tier governance model. The top tier consists of a Board of Directors that is strategic in its outlook and which functions in an oversight capacity. The Board of Directors is headed by a Chair. The second tier consists of an Executive Committee headed by a President. This tier is operational in nature and responsible for the day to day functioning of the Association.

The organization is a registered charity under the income Tax Act and is exempt from Income tax.

A general meeting is held annually.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of:

  • A Chairman who is elected from the membership of the Board by the Board members for a term of three years.
  • Six members who will be elected to serve for one year but may be re-elected annually to serve up to a five-year term.
  • Ex-officio members:
    • The Colonel Commandant;
    • Past Colonels Commandant;
    • The Regimental Colonel;
    • The Director of Artillery; and
    • The RSM RCA.
  • An additional three Board members may be appointed by the Chairman with the concurrence of the serving Board members
  • The following members of the Executive are non-voting, ex-officio members of the Board:
    • The President, who will normally act as Recording Secretary for the Board meetings;
    • The Vice President; and
    • The Past President who will chair the Nominating Committee.

Officers of the Association

The Officers of the Association shall consist of:

  • A President who shall normally be elected to serve for one year but may be re-elected to serve a further one-year term, consecutively;
  • A Vice-President who shall normally be elected to serve for one year but may be re-elected to serve a further one-year term, consecutively;
  • A Secretary; and
  • A Treasurer.

The offices of Secretary and Treasury may be combined.

Currently serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces with the exception of Honorary appointments may not serve as Officers of the Association.

The Executive Committee

For the administration and the conduct of the business of the Association throughout the year, there will be an Executive Committee consisting of:

  • The President and Vice-President of the Association;
  • One representative from serving units from each Army Division as follows: 2nd Canadian Division, 3rd Canadian Division, 4th Canadian Division and 5th Canadian Division;
  • The Past President;
  • The Executive Director;
  • The Secretary; and
  • The Treasurer.

Incumbent Directors, Officers & Staff

Board of Directors


Brigadier-General (Ret’d) David Patterson MSM CD



Brigadier-General (Ret’d) James Selbie OMM CD
Lieutenant-General (Ret’d) Michael Jeffery CMM CD
Colonel Stephane Masson MSM CD
Colonel Krista Bouckaert CD
Chief Warrant Officer (Master Gunner) Chris Rigby MMM CD


Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret’d) Murray Beare CD
Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret’d) Craig Cotter CD
HCol Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret’d) Barry Downs CD
HLCol Don Foster



Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret’d) Leon Jensen OMM CD


Colonel (Ret’d) Bill Kalogerakis CD

Past President

Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret’d) Robert Elliott OMM MStJ CD


Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret’d) Don Hamilton CD


Executive Director

Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret’d) Stephen Strachan CD


Mme Catherine Gagnon

Division Representatives

2nd Canadian Division

Lieutenant-Colonel Alexandre Tremblay-Michaud CD

3rd Canadian Division

Lieutenant-Colonel Mark Wilson CD

4th Canadian Division

Lieutenant-Colonel Jennifer Causey CD

5th Canadian Division

Lieutenant-Colonel Scott Lloyd CD

Other Committee Chairs

Chair AGM and Seminar Committee

Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret’d) Joe Foote CD

Chair RCAA Effectiveness Committee

Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret’d) James Brazill CD

Gunner Peer Support Committee

Captain (Ret’d) Tom Watters CD

Membership Committee

Captain (Ret’d) Garth Wigle

Director – Public Affairs

Mme Catherine Gagnon

Past Chairs of the Board of Directors

  • 2013-18 Colonel G.E. Burton CD
  • 2012-13 Lieutenant-General A.B. Leslie CMM MSC MSM CD PC MP

Past Presidents

  • 2016-18 Lieutenant-Colonel R.W. Elliott OMM CD
  • 2014-16 Lieutenant-Colonel Donald Dussault CD
  • 2012-2014 Lieutenant-Colonel C.L. Cotter CD
  • 2010-2012 Lieutenant-Colonel J.L. Brazill CD
  • 2008-2010 Lieutenant-Colonel André Richard CD
  • 2006-2008 Lieutenant-Colonel J.E.F. Bryce CD
  • 2005-2006 Colonel G.E. Burton CD
  • 2003-2005 Lieutenant-Colonel C.E. Healey CD
  • 2002-2003 Lieutenant-Colonel P.A Sherwin CD AdeC
  • 2001-2002 Lieutenant-Colonel W.H Wallace CD
  • 2000-2001 Lieutenant-Colonel R.G. French CD
  • 1999-2000 Lieutenant-Colonel S.J. Goldberg CD
  • 1998-99 Lieutenant-Colonel M.D. McKay CD AdeC
  • 1997-98 Colonel J.P. Jeffries CD
  • 1996-97 Lieutenant-Colonel R.M. Fitzpatrick CD
  • 1995-96 Lieutenant-Colonel R.M. Fitzpatrick CD
  • 1994-95 Judge R.M. MacFarlane MBE QC
  • 1993-94 Colonel D.L. Berry CD
  • 1992-93 Lieutenant-Colonel J.D. Gibson CD
  • 1991-92 Lieutenant-Colonel D.A. Wynn CD
  • 1990-91 Colonel R.W. Johnston CD
  • 1989-90 Brigadier-General R.P. Beaudry CD
  • 1988-89 Lieutenant-Colonel G.E. Burton CD
  • 1987-88 Colonel S.T. McDonald CD
  • 1986-87 Colonel M.J. Day CD
  • 1985-86 Colonel E.A. Bauer CD
  • 1984-85 Lieutenant-Colonel J.R.M. Hubel CD
  • 1983-84 Lieutenant-Colonel G.E. Parnell CD
  • 1982-83 Brigadier-General L.M Salmon CD
  • 1981-82 Colonel J.R.G. Saint-Louis CD
  • 1980-81 Colonel R.A. Jacobson CD
  • 1979-80 Brigadier-General W.T. Wickett CD
  • 1978-79 Lieutenant-Colonel J.E. de Hart MC CD
  • 1977-78 Colonel E.H. Rowe OMM CD
  • 1976-77 Lieutenant-Colonel B.G. Brulé CD
  • 1975-76 Lieutenant-Colonel B. S. MacDonald CD
  • 1974-75 Colonel A.E. Sherwin CD
  • 1973-74 Lieutenant-Colonel J.W. Alward CD QC
  • 1972-73 Lieutenant-Colonel J.C. McKenna CD
  • 1971-72 Lieutenant-Colonel A.G. Lynch-Staunton CD
  • 1970-71 Colonel B. Shapiro CM CD
  • 1969-70 Colonel J.H. Turnbull OMM EM CD
  • 1968-69 Lieutenant-Colonel W.D. Elsdon GM CD
  • 1967-68 Lieutenant-Colonel J.D. Cambridge CD
  • 1966-67 Lieutenant-Colonel R.J. Connor ED
  • 1965-66 Lieutenant-Colonel E.R. Clemis MBE ED CD
  • 1964-65 Lieutenant-Colonel W. S. Jackson CD
  • 1963-64 Brigadier R. Normandeau CD
  • 1962-63 Brigadier G.B. Robertson ED CD QC
  • 1961-62 Colonel E.W. Cormack OBE ED CD
  • 1961 Brigadier H.T. Airey CD
  • 1960 Brigadier-General D.C. Campbell CD
  • 1959 Brigadier R.T. DuMoulin, ED CD QC
  • 1958 Brigadier J. Bibeau DSO ED
  • 1957 Brigadier W.D. King OBE ED CD
  • 1956 Brigadier J.A. Gillies OBE ED
  • 1955 Brigadier F.D. Lace DSO OBE ED
  • 1954 Brigadier Maurice Archer MBE
  • 1953 Brigadier H.E. Murray DSO ED
  • 1952 Brigadier A.E. McB. Bell-lrving CBE ED
  • 1951 Brigadier E.R. Suttie CBE DSO ED CD
  • 1950 Brigadier H.E. Wright ED
  • 1949 Brigadier R.E.G. Roome DSO ED
  • 1948 Brigadier P.A.S. Todd CBE DSO ED CD
  • 1947 Major-General A.B. Matthews CBE DSO ED CD
  • 1940 Colonel J.J. Creelman DSO
  • 1939 Colonel C.G. Beeston QC 1940-46
  • 1938 Brigadier R.A. Fraser VD
  • 1937 Lieutenant-Colonel G.T. Inch MC VD
  • 1936 Lieutenant-Colonel J.R. Sampson OBE VD
  • 1935 Brigadier W.C. Hyde DSO VD
  • 1934 Lieutenant-Colonel R.T. Perry
  • 1932-33 Colonel The Honourable G.A. Drew PC VD CD QC LLD
  • 1931 Lieutenant-Colonel N. MacDonald DSO
  • 1930 Colonel Mackenzie Waters MC
  • 1929 Colonel E.G.M. Cape DSO
  • 1928 Lieutenant-Colonel N.P. MacLeod MC
  • 1927 Lieutenant-Colonel J.A. MacDonald DSO
  • 1926 Lieutenant-Colonel H.H. Sterns
  • 1925 Colonel J.J. Penhale DSO
  • 1924 Brigadier-General W.O. Dodds CMG DSO VD
  • 1923 Lieutenant-Colonel S.B. Anderson CMG DSO
  • 1921 Brigadier-General C.H. Maclaren CMG DSO
  • 1921 Colonel J.J. Creelman DSO
  • 1920 Major-General Sir Edward Morrison KCMG CB DSO
  • 1914 Lieutenant-Colonel W.G. Hurdman DSO
  • 1913 Lieutenant-Colonel Lacey R. Johnson
  • 1912 Lieutenant-Colonel E.W. Rathbun
  • 1911 Colonel E.M. Renouf
  • 1910 Colonel N.F. McNachton CVO
  • 1909 Colonel R Costigan DSO
  • 1908 Lieutenant-Colonel H. McL. Davison
  • 1904-05 Colonel Sir John Hendrie KCMG CVO
  • 1902-03 Major-General W.H. Cotton
  • 1899-01 Colonel D.T. Irwin CMG VD
  • 1897-98 Lieutenant-Colonel F. Minden Cole CMG VD
  • 1894-96 Colonel The Honourable Edward Gawlor Prior MP
  • 1893 Lieutenant-Colonel J.R. Armstrong
  • 1892 Lieutenant-Colonel A.E. Curren
  • 1891 Lieutenant-Colonel A.A. Stevenson
  • 1890 Major-General F. Middleton KCMG CB
  • 1888-89 Colonel The Honourable A.M. MacDonald
  • 1884-87 Lieutenant-Colonel W.R. Oswald
  • 1880-83 Major-General R.G.A. Luard
  • 1876-79 Major-General Sir Edward Selby Smyth KCMG

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