The Gunners of Canada, Volume III 1967-1994 – Assistance to the Author

Development of this authoritative history of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery has restarted with a new author, Dr. Andrew B. Godefroy. In addition to other research activities, he is keen to hear from anyone regarding their service and experiences with the RCA from the era of integration and unification (1960s) onwards to 1994.

Specifically, he would like to speak with anyone regardless of rank level who served: with 4 CMBG in West Germany during the Cold War; on an international engagement, exchange, or on a United Nations Mission such as Cyprus, Bosnia, or the Middle East; or on the army staff or the School working on artillery combat development, doctrine development, tactics, training, or equipment procurement. In addition, he would like to hear from anyone who achieved the qualification of IG or Master Gunner, as well as those who served as part of specific major exercises, trials, and experiments (eg. Corps 86/96 studies, war games, Exercises REFORGER , Op PENDANT, RVs, MILCONs, ADATS, MMEV Project, etc.).

Anyone who wishes to contribute but is uncertain as to the importance or completeness of their information is urged to contact Andrew to discuss that. Although many of us feel that what we know need not be presented because “someone else will do it”, experience shows that this is often not true. Indeed, even when someone or a record has provided input, most need to be corroborated, challenged or expanded by others.

All communications and emails will be held in confidence by the author and subsequently the RCAA. Contributors will not be quoted directly, and any information provided will not be used without the written consent of the provider. Materials passed to him will be either incorporated with archival material that will eventually be properly recorded, packaged and delivered to appropriate museums or libraries, or returned to the owner if desired.

Contact Andrew at: