Artillery Re-enactment Groups

3e Batterie d’artillerie de Montréal

3 BAM is an all-volunteer non-profit organization affiliated with 2nd Field Regiment RCA and dedicated to honouring Canadian military veterans, maintaining and teaching the traditions of the Royal Canadian Artillery and supporting the cadet movement.   It accomplishes these tasks though the use of a pair of Second World War vintage Ordnance QF 25-pounder field gun/howitzers complete with gun tractors and limbers.  3 BAM participates in a variety of military functions, parades and civic events in which the deployment of the Battery’s guns and vehicles allows citizens to learn history by visiting a “museum on wheels.”

Limber Gunners

The Limber Gunners is an organization affiliated with 7th Toronto Regiment RCA formed to assist with the acquisition, restoration, maintenance and display of the historic artillery and associated military equipment owned by the Toronto Artillery Foundation.

The formation of this organization was a joint effort of the Toronto Artillery Officers Association and the Toronto Artillery Ex-Sergeants Association on behalf of the Toronto Artillery Foundation and its Historic Gun Committee.  A number of retired Gunners gathered informally in June 1997 at the request of the Historic Gun Committee to determine how the equipment held by the Foundation could be better cared for and displayed to the public. From this meeting emerged the Limber Gunners.

The name “Limber Gunners” derives from the member of a gun detachment who was detailed as the “Limber Gunner” tasked with the care and maintenance of the detachment’s gun.  The group’s first operational asset is an iconic Ordnance QF 25-pounder field gun/howitzer used by Canadian, British and other Commonwealth Gunners in the Second World War and the Korean Conflict.