OP Take Post 2025 – Commemorative Battlefield Tour – 2 to 11 May 2025

The Royal Canadian Artillery Association is planning an 80th Anniversary Liberation of Holland Commemorative Battlefield Tour from 2 to 11 May 2025.

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With a Few Guns – Update, 10 April 2024

Thank you all for supporting the With a Few Guns project. We are pleased to announce that Volume 1 of the book has been gathering interest and is now available in eBook format.  The team has reviewed the status of work on volume 2 and must announce a minor change in plans. Unfortunately, because of a lack of available material the release date for Volume 2 covering the period 2007 until 2014 will be delayed until Artillery Day (26 May) 2025.

We encourage anyone who deployed to Afghanistan, primarily from 2009 until the end of the mission to come forward and tell their stories.  Every story counts, and even if considered minor or insignificant on its own, it provides an excellent foundation for the overall accounting of what gunners were doing during these very important years.

We intend to carry on with the program of releasing the French version of Volume 1 on St Barbara’s Day 2024 and the translation has commenced on that book.

Should you have any question please feel free to contact any member of the team or send an email directly to withafewguns@gmail.com or  avecquelquescanons@gmail.com

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