Commandant's standard

St Barbara’s Day Message from our Colonel Commandant Brigadier-General (Retired) D.A. Patterson, M.S.M, C.D.

To All Ranks of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery
With the advent of gunpowder artillery, early gunners recalled the courage of Saint Barbara as a source of inspiration against accident resulting from explosions. Since earlier artillery pieces often blew up instead of firing their projectiles, Saint Barbara became known as the patron of artillerists, armourers, engineers, gunsmiths, and miners.
On this day, the Colonel Commandant extends Loyal Greetings to the Captain General while The Regiment pauses to celebrate our distinctive Gunner heritage and the comradeship which is a vital element of the moral component of military capability.
This year marks an important milestone for The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery with the sesquicentennial anniversary of the establishment of A and B Batteries and the celebration of UBIQUE 150 as well as the restart of collective and individual training after the pause brought on by the pandemic. This was executed with pride and professionalism by all ranks of The Royal Regiment with dynamism, flexibility and ingenuity in the face of a persistent COVID-19 environment.
The Regiment also recognizes our loyal service to our Captain General of 69 years who presented the “Captain General’s Sword” to The Regiment in Windsor to commemorate UBIQUE 150. This sword not only memorializes UBIQUE 150 but inaugurates new RCA sword markings that celebrate our distinctly Canadian identity with the Shield of Canada, wreaths of maple leaves and the bilingual title of The Royal Regiment.
The execution of Public Duties in London and Windsor highlighted the continued professionalism of The Royal Regiment and the ability to succeed at any given task despite the adversity. The Regiment has persevered through the pandemic continuing to evolve as it has since its inception as Canada’s first permanent force in Kingston and Quebec City in 1871. It is this adaptability and determination to succeed that have defined The Regiment both in its past as it will its future in the continued service of the Captain General and Canada.
This Saint Barbara’s day marks the completion of the UBIQUE 150 commemoration period. The Regiment comes together on this day in recognition of our rich heritage and the strength of our Regimental Family that has grounded us and set the foundations for our evolution as we face new adversities.
Best wishes to all for continued “Good Shooting”. Take care and stay well. UBIQUE!

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