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RCA Regimental Fund

The RCA Regimental Fund (the Fund) is a non-public property (NPP) entity of the Canadian Armed Forces as defined by the National Defence Act.

It comprises monies collected for the purpose of supporting the non-public affairs of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery.

Such monies are derived mostly from voluntary contributions from serving members of the Regiment – primarily members of the regular component of the Regiment who donate to the fund on a monthly basis by pay allotment.  Members of the reserve component may also contribute, although most choose to support their local unit fund instead.  Similarly, retired members and friends of the Regiment may donate to the Fund although many prefer to give to the RCA Heritage Fund.

Recommended monthly donation rates are:

  • Gunner to Master Bombardier:  $5.00
  • Sergeant to Master Warrant Officer & Officer Cadet to Lieutenant:  $10.00
  • Chief Warrant Officers & Captains:  $15.00
  • Majors & Lieutenant-Colonels:  $20.00
  • Colonels & General Officers:  $25.00

As a Canadian Armed Forces NPP entity, the RCA Regimental Fund is deemed by the Canada Revenue Agency to be a “qualified donee”.  As such, contributions or donations to the Fund attract Official Income Tax Receipts issued by RHQ RCA on behalf of the Canadian Forces Morale & Welfare Services (CFMWS) Non-public Funds Accounting Office in Shilo, MB.  Consolidated tax receipts will be sent to donors in the December/January period as many contributors provide support multiple times through the year.

The profits/losses of the RCA Kit Shop also accrue to the Fund.

The RCA Regimental Fund is considered an account of the Canadian Forces Central Fund (CFCF) – also an NPP entity.  RCA Regimental Fund monies on account with the CFCF attract investment (largely interest) income which is spent on current programmes or re-invested – as is, from time to time, decided.  (At present, all investment income is re-invested.)

The RCA Regimental Fund is governed and managed in accordance with Canadian Armed Forces NPP regulations and the Fund constitution.  Expenditures are further guided by the RCA Family Strategy.  Fund Financial Statements are available via the member log-in portal on this website.

Fund expenditures focus on supporting Line of Operation 3 of the RCA Family Strategy – Nurture the Family Institution.

Expenditures are also made in support of Line of Operation 4 – Connect with Canadians and, Line of Operation 5 – Celebrate Our Heritage.

In accordance with these guidelines, expenditures currently fund the following programmes, projects and activities:

Regimental Identity Programme

Provision of Regimental accoutrements (cap badge, shoulder titles, buttons) to newly qualified non-commissioned members and officers

Provision of Regimental track suits to newly qualified non-commissioned members and officers

Provision of RCHA/RCA camp flags to formed bodies of the Regiment deployed on missions abroad

Provision of gifts (in cooperation with the RCAA) for deployed Gunners over the winter holiday season

Regimental Professional Development Programme

Regimental Leaders Course

Geoffrey Brooks Memorial Essay Contest

Regimental Communications Programme

Publication of The Canadian Gunner

Regimental Photography Contest

Shared cost of operating the RCA/RCA Association integrated website

Shared cost of operating the Canadian Gunner News e-newsletter

Gunner Assistance Programme

George Blackburn Memorial Bursary

Emergency assistance grants

Expressions of sympathy

Gunner Recognition Programme

RCAS top-student recognition

Retirement gifts

Unit and Other Grants

Regular component regiments and the RCAS

RCA Band

RCA Museum

Petawawa Military Museum

Extra-regimentally employed members

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