Extra-Regimentally Employed

Members of The Royal Regiment spend a significant portion of their career employed in non-artillery units, headquarters or other establishments. In these circumstances, a member is considered to be Extra-Regimentally Employed (ERE).  To help ensure that ERE members and the Regiment remain in contact – especially for reasons of career management – a system of regional representatives has been put in place.

Commissioned Officer ERE Representatives

  • Atlantic Region – LCol R.A.H. Nicholson OMM CD
  • Quebec – LCol I.M.E. Begin CD
  • Ottawa – LCol S. Lemieux CD
  • Kingston – LCol J.G. Hampton CD
  • Toronto – LCol C.R. Taylor CD
  • Remainder of Ontario Area – LCol S.A. Heer CD
  • Western Region – LCol D.Y.G. Brassard CD

Non-commissioned Member ERE Representatives

  • Atlantic Region – CWO D.E. Milligan MMM MSM CD
  • Quebec Region – CWO J.A.N.S. Leduc CD
  • Ontario Region (Less Kenora) – CWO A.G. Todd CD
  • Western Region (Including Kenora) – CWO C.A. Rigby MMM CD

ERE members are strongly encouraged to initiate contact with these representatives for information or advice pertaining to individual career management.

Army Technical Staff and those holding targeting qualifications should also stay in touch with the following:

  • Technical Staff Succession Planner – LCol C.S. Sines
  • Targeting Succession Planner – TBA

Regional ERE representatives, for their part, will keep ERE members informed of aspects of regimental affairs pertinent to their situation and will take care to present ERE member career management input, questions and concerns to the Career Manager and the Director of Artillery.