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Regimental Photo Contest


Funds are allocated annually towards prizes for the Regimental Photo Contest.  These prizes are awarded for the best artillery related photograph. The contest was approved in its current form by the RCA Regimental Fund Executive Board during its meeting of 16 Oct 14.  The current funding allocation is $100/quarterly/winner.


The contest is open to all members of the Regimental Family.


The contest is held four times per fiscal year with the winner receiving $100 and photo published on the website. Photographs entered in the contest become the property of RHQ RCA and may be published in Regimental publications and on the website. Entries may be submitted directly to the Regimental Adjutant RCA –

Entry deadlines are end March, June, September and December. Any photo arriving after the deadline will be added to the next contest.

Caption(s) should accompany the photo(s), including a title, who took it (including a SN or SIN, as well as personal address), subject of the photo, and when it was taken. Entries must be submitted in electronic form (jpeg or tif – High Definition). Do not embed photographs in Word. RHQ RCA will translate as required. There is no limit on entries per contest.

A judging committee will be set up by the Regimental Adjutant to determine the winner. Once determined, a cheque will be sent on behalf of the Fund to the winner.

Past Winners

June 2021

Sergeant Wesley Hudson – 3 Fd Regt Ubique 150 Salute

March 2021

Lieutenant-Colonel Joe O’Donnell – UAV Launch (Ex SILVERBACK GUNNER)

December 2020

Greg Cole – C182 Base Bleed Round

September 2020

Master-Corporal Yan Lafreniere – Rise and Shine

June 2020

Lieutenant Tyler Carnegie – Calm before the Storm

March 2019

Bombardier Potvin – Real Shoot

Dec 2018

Lieutenant Finyanos – Catching a Lift

Jun 2018

Corporal Klimenko – TAPV during a BC’s EX

March 2018

Bombardier S. Chainey – LCMR

Dec 2017

Sergeant L.A. Pelletier – Boat Shoot

Sept 2017

Corporal Raincover – Regimental Sunrise

June 2017

Captain N. Kaempffer – Gunner’s Family

Sept 2016

Bombardier A. Nicholson – The Guns

Dec 2015

Unknown – Night Target Shooting

Sept 2015

Lieutenant Pynn – Under Cam net

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