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UBIQUE 150 Coin

In 1871, the Canadian Government authorized the establishment of A and B Battery as both field artillery units to man Fort Frontenac, Kingston and La Citadelle, Quebec City as well as act as regional schools of artillery to replace the withdrawing British Army. This is a seminal event in our country’s history as it represents the creation of Canada’s first permanent military force, which continues to this day. 2021 marks the 150th anniversary of this event and the RCA Celebration of this historic event will be known as “UBIQUE 150”.

The UBIQUE 150 coin is awarded by RCA Senior Leadership and Command Teams for contributions made to UBIQUE 150 specifically, and or promotion of the Regimental Family as a whole.


5e Régiment d’artillerie légère du Canada

Major Phil Roberge (Coin No. 055)

Royal Regimen of Canadian Artillery School

Sergeant Peter Lawrence (Coin No. 065)

Ms. Jaclyn Forbes (Coin No. 066)

Royal Canadian Artillery Band

Captain Chris Embree (Coin No. 002)

2nd Field Artillery Regiment RCA

Lieutenant-Colonel Michel Bourque (Coin No. 077)

3rd Field Artillery Regiment (The Loyal Company) RCA

Captain (Ret’d) Tom Watters (Coin No. 083)

Captain John Guthrie (Coin No. 084)

Sergeant Michelle Flanagan (Coin No. 085)

Bombardier Ashley Robinson (Coin No. 086)

7th Toronto Regiment RCA

Master Warrant Officer Darrin Hicks (Coin No. 099)

Master Warrant Officer James Lombara (Coin No. 101)

Sergeant R. Harris (Coin No. 100)

Master Bombardier Jonathan Latta (Coin No. 097)

Gunner Sarah Bland (Coin No. 098)

10th Field Artillery Regiment RCA

Bombardier Richard Casement (Coin No. 122)

56th Field Artillery Regiment RCA

Sergeant Chris Gagen (Coin No. 140)

62nd Field Artillery Regiment RCA

Sergeant B. Chamberland (Coin No. 142)

84th Independent Field Battery RCA

Master-Bombardier Lucas Matthews (Coin No. 072)

Bombardier Brent Dolliver (Coin No. 073)

Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre

Colonel Sonny Hatton (Coin No. 023)

Canadian Forces College

Chief Warrant Officer Ghislain Angel (Coin No. 022)

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