The RCA Association is governed in accordance with its Constitution and By-laws which in turn are founded on its Act of Incorporation.
The RCAA has a two-tier governance model. The top tier consists of a Board of Directors that is strategic in its outlook and which functions in an oversight capacity. The Board of Directors is headed by a Chair. The second tier consists of an Executive Committee headed by a President. This tier is operational in nature and responsible for the day to day functioning of the Association.
The organization is a registered charity under the income Tax Act and is exempt from Income tax.
A general meeting is held annually.

Incumbent Directors, Officers & Staff

Board of Directors

Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel Murray Beare CD – Acting Chair
Lieutenant-General (Ret’d) Andrew Leslie PC CMM MSC MSM CD
Brigadier-General (Ret’d) David A. Patterson MSM CD
Brigadier-General (Ret’d) James Selbie OMM CD
Colonel (Ret’d) Tim Young CD
Honorary Colonel (Ret’d) Barry Downs CD
Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret’d) Robert W. Elliott OMM MStJ CD
Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel Don Foster
Master Warrant Officer (Ret’d) Denise Gordon CD
Master Warrant Officer (Mr Gnr) (Ret’d) Colin Norris CD
Sergeant (Ret’d) Joe McCormack CD

Non voting Members

Colonel Krista Bouckaert OMM CD – Director RCA
Colonel David W. Grebstad CD – Regimental Colonel
Chief Warrant Officer J.G.E. Normand MMM CD – Regimental Sergeant Major RCA

Executive Committee

Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret’d) Leon Jensen OMM CD – President
Colonel (Ret’d) Stéphane Boucher OMM CD – Vice-President
Colonel (Ret’d) Bill Kalogerakis CD – Past President
Major (Ret’d) Kathryn Foss CD – Secretary
Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret’d) Don Hamilton CD – Treasurer
Lieutenant-Colonel Michael Morin CD – 2nd Canadian Division Representative
Lieutenant-Colonel Mark Wilson CD – 3rd Canadian Division Representative
Lieutenant-Colonel Patrick Pitt CD – 4th Canadian Division Representative
Lieutenant-Colonel Scott Lloyd CD – 5th Canadian Division Representative

Other Executive

Vacant – Executive Director
Mme Catherine Gagnon – Director Public Affairs and Editor
Vacant – Chair AGM and Seminar Committee
Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret’d) James Brazill CD – Chair RCAA Effectiveness Committee
Captain (Ret’d) Tom Watters CD – Chair Gunner Peer Support Committee
Captain (Ret’d) Garth Wigle – Chair Membership Committee
Vacant – Web Events Coordinator

Past Chairs of the Board of Directors

Past Presidents