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10th Field Artillery Regiment RCA

Location:  Regina & Yorkton, SK  

Parent Formation:  38 Canadian Brigade Group  (Note:  10th Fd Regt is brigaded with 26th Fd Regt and 116th Ind Fd Bty to form 38 Artillery Tactical Group under command of 38 CBG)

Contact Information:

10th Field Artillery Regiment RCA
1600 Elphinstone Street
Regina, SK S4T 3N1

Phone/Tél: 306-347-9300

Yorkton Armoury
56-1st Ave North, Yorkton, SK S3N 1J5

Phone/Tél: 306-783-4555

Brief history:


  • 18th Field Battery (Regina)
  • 64th Field Battery (Yorkton)

Command Team:

  • CO:  Lieutenant-Colonel M.G. Wilson CD
  • RSM: Chief Warrant Officer (RSM) C.E. Lelond CD


  • Honorary Colonel – The Honourable Vaughn Schofield SOM SVM CD
  • Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel – Vacant

Senate: 10th Field Regiment Senate

Association:  Royal Crimson Group

Foundation:  No

Band:  No

Museum:  Saskatchewan Military Museum – http://www.saskatchewanmilitarymuseum.com/

Affiliated Cadet Corps:  

Reenactor Groups:  No

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