Former Commanding Officers

1962 – 2020 10th Field Artillery Regiment, RCA

2000-2005 Lieutenant-Colonel Charlie Miller CD
1987-19xx Lieutenant-Colonel W Gordon
19xx-1987 Lieutenant-Colonel B Smith
1981-1983 Lieutenant-Colonel J O’Kane
1977-1981 Lieutenant-Colonel G Carline
1974-1977 Lieutenant-Colonel J O’Kane
Lieutenant-Colonel AG Strickland CD

1960-1962 10th Medium Artillery Regiment, RCA
Lieutenant-Colonel JA Pringle

1946-1960 10th Medium Regiment, RCA

1943-1946 10th (Reserve) Field Regiment, RCA

1940-1943 10th (Reserve) Field Brigade, RCA

1935-1940 10th Field Brigade, RCA

1925-1935 10th Field Brigade, Canadian Artillery

1920-1925 10th Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery

1946-1954 22nd Field Regiment, RCA

1943-1946 22nd (Reserve) (Assiniboia) Field Regiment, RCA

1940-1943 22nd (Reserve) (Assiniboia) Field Brigade, RCA

1936-1940 22nd (Assiniboia) Field Brigade, RCA

1920-1936 The Assiniboia Regiment

1912-1920 95th [Saskatchewan] Regiment

1909-1912 95th Saskatchewan Rifles

1908-1909 Converted to rifle regiment

1907-1908 95th Regiment

1905- 1907 Regiment of infantry authorized in the districts of Assiniboia and Saskatchewan