Belgium– Order of Leopold

The Order of Leopold is one of the three current Belgian national honorary orders of knighthood. It is the oldest and highest order of Belgium and is named in honour of its founder, King Leopold I. It consists of a military, a maritime and a civil division. The maritime division is only awarded to personnel of the merchant navy, and the military division to military personnel.

Officer of the Order of Leopold
Colonel William Alexander Beaumont Anderson OBE
Major Francis Egan Thistle Gill

Chevalier of the Order of Leopold II with Palm
Lieutenant Hugh Arthur Paul Aldersley
Lieutenant-Colonel William James Brigger
Captain William Bartlett Cameron Burgoyne
Captain Edward Brigham Burnett
Captain Richard Ian Findlater
Lieutenant Jean Paul Grenier
Major Lionel Caldwell Hogan
Captain Edward John Hooper
Captain Thomas John Kearns
Major Robert Alexander McAlpine
Captain Leonard Wheatley Peat
Captain Richard James Roberts
Captain John Edward Seybold
Captain William Lloyd Sharpe
Captain Arnold William Sinclair
Major James Crossley Stewart
Major Joseph Elphehe Yvon Theriault MC
Captain Allen Hardie Wilson