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Colonel Commandant’s Coin

The Colonel Commandant’s Coin was initiated in 2008.  Master Warrant Officer Gabanna, the BSM of X Battery, 5e RALC, serving in Afghanistan, asked the Colonel Commandant why he didn’t have a coin to present to deserving Gunners.  A good question!  The Battery Commander, Major Warren Smith, explained how such a coin could be produced.  And so it was with BSM Gabanna awarded coin No 1 and Major Smith coin No 29.

The Colonel Commandant’s Coin is intended as a means by which special contributions to the effectiveness, success, well-being or reputation of The Royal Regiment can be recognized with a minimum of process or delay.  Selection of recipients is entirely within the purview of the Colonel Commandant although he welcomes advice from Commanding Officers and RSMs, and others.  All members of the Regimental Family and Friends of the Regiment, Gunner and non-Gunner alike, are eligible.  The Colonel Commandant always carries a few spares, so if one is warranted, it can be presented on the spot.

Errors or omissions should be brought to the attention of RHQ RCA for correction.


  • Major Max Riopelle
  • Ms Carli Allen
  • Gunner (Trained Canine) Loki
  • MCpl Julie Longman
  • Sergeant Diaz
  • Mrs. Barbara Calnan 371
  • Gunner Littlechild 368
  • Master Bombardier Kent 379
  • Sergeant Beauchamp 362
  • Gunner Bryant
  • Gunner Lee
  • Honorary Lieutenant Colonel Lori Dangerfield
  • Sergeant Martin
  • Sergeant Stack

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