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All UBIQUE 150 events and activities will be subject to the application of COVID 19 pandemic public health measures as may be in force during the commemoration period of 1 April – 4 December 2021.  This may result in cancellations or reschedulings.  Check this page for the latest information.


  • Participation in the Canada Army Run.
  • Mounting the Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle by 1 RCHA and The RCA Band
  • Participation of The RCA Band in Operation DISTINCTION – the 75th (+1) anniversary celebration of the Liberation of Netherlands
  • Rededication of the RCHA Memorial in Kingston to include the addition of the names of the Fallen from Korea and Afghanistan
  • Visit of the Master Gunner St James’s Park to Canada
  • Proclamation of Alliances with the Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery and the Royal Regiment of New Zealand Artillery
  • Issuance by Canada Post of a custom designed commemorative envelope
  • Presentation of limited edition UBIQUE 150 Coins to deserving members of the Regimental Family
  • Wear of UBIQUE 150 Patches on operational dress during the commemorative period. Patches will be available for purchase from CANEX.
  • Commissioning by the Royal Canadian Artillery Association of a special UBIQUE 150 Whisky from the Glen Breton distillery
  • A special Digital UBIQUE 150 Exhibit mounted by The RCA Museum
  • Performances by the Brass-Reed and Pipe and Drum Bands of The Royal Regiment at venues across the country
  • Regimental Leaders Course at the Home Station
  • Exercise HEAVY LOADER – a virtual Olympic-style weightlifting competition with entrants from across The Royal Regiment with a national winners’ league championship to be conducted on St Barbara’s Day to determine The Regiment’s “strongest loader”
  • RCA Time Capsule  –  all units of The Royal Regiment will prepare a video record of regimental life in 2021 for compilation and deposit by RHQ RCA as a digital time capsule

Regional and Local

2nd Canadian Division Gunners

  • Raising of the RCA Camp Flag over la Citadelle de Québec and Fort No.1 in Lévis (historical homes of The Regiment) on Artillery Day – to be broadcast on social media
  • A commemorative ceremony in honour of the courage displayed by Major Short and Staff Sergeant Wallick of B Battery in fighting the St Saveur fire of 1889
  • A memorable Sunset Ceremony at Fort No. 1 in Lévis featuring the Band of the Royal 22e Régiment and the guns of 6e Regiment d’Artillerie de campagne in a performance of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture
  • Canada Day Gun Salute
  • Exercising of the Freedom of the City of Québec
  • Exercising of the Freedom of the City of Shawinigan
  • Exercising of the Freedom of the City of Montreal (Westmount?)
  • Mise au jeu des Cataractes
  • Course de canots
  • St Barbara’s Special Guest Night

3rd Canadian Division Gunners

  • Exercise CELEBRATION GUNNER – a series of events at the Home Station including 1 RCHA Family Day, Canada Day celebrations, and a City of Brandon Freedom of the City and Fitness Event.
  • Exercise BATTLEFORD GUNNER – a return to the scene of the events of 1885 to gain insights to our history and pay respect to the fallen of the conflict – First Nations, Métis and soldiers alike
  • RCMP Sunset Ceremony – in recognition of the close connection between A and B Batteries and the Northwest Mounted Police at its origin, a detachment from A Battery will participate in the RCMP Depot Division’s Sunset Ceremony in Regina manning an historic 9-Pounder gun
  • Yukon Field Force Commemorative Expedition – tracing the route taken by the 46 Gunner members of the Yukon Field Force in 1898 to Fort Selkirk and on to Dawson in helping to uphold Canadian sovereignty during the time of the Klondike Gold Rush
  • The Kingston Cup – teams from A and B Battery will battle for possession of the Kingston Cup in one of hockey’s oldest rivalries
  • Exercise WESTERN GUNNER – C Battery 1 RCHA will conduct adventure training in British Columbia in celebration of its connection to their establishment in 1887 and ties with 5th (British Columbia) Field Regiment.
  • 2021 also marks the 150th anniversary of the entry of British Columbia to Confederation and so 5th (British Columbia) Field Regiment and 15th Field Regiment will help celebrate both occasions. Events will include:
    • A Garden Party at Government House in Victoria
    • Gun Salutes
    • Exercising (or Granting (TBC)) the Freedom of the Cities of Vancouver and Victoria
    • Artillery day BBQ

4th Canadian Division Gunners

  • Exercising of the Freedom of the City of Kingston by 2 RCHA
  • Commemorative Parachute Jump in celebration of 2 RCHA’s Airborne/Special Service Force heritage
  • 150 Mile March – one mile for every year since the formation of A and B Batteries – from Petawawa to Kingston where “it all began” retracing the route taken by Kingston Gunners to attend Practice Camps in Petawawa. Participation will be invited from all Gunner regiments in 4th Canadian Division
  • A small unit exchange between 30th Field Regiment, RCA (The Bytown Gunners) and 103 (Lancashire Artillery Volunteers) Regiment, RA with unit members spending time in both the United Kingdom and Canada showcasing interoperability and strengthening the bond between the Allied Regiments
  • St Barbara’s Day Hockey Tournament

5th Canadian Division Gunners

  • As part of the annual Battery Commander’s Course 3-7 May 21, The RCAS and 2 RCHA will conduct a Battery Commander’s Fire Plan in honour of the formation of A and B Batteries
  • Garrison of Artillery Special Guest Night at Royal Artillery Park in Halifax
  • Atlantic Gunners Ball
  • St Barbara’s Day Celebration to include UBIQUE 150-themed sporting events and a divisional Special Guest Night in Gagetown

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