UBIQUE 150 LogoThe Royal Canadian Artillery Association is pleased to host a series of videos on how to create your video for submission to the UBIQUE150 “Good Shooting” video contest. In this video, your host, Ryan McHugh, Director of Client Delivery, Soaq.co, provides an introduction to the program.

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Part 1: Pre-Production (Planning for Your Shoot)
The concept part 1 will explore what you plan/prep in advance of your shoot to make sure you are organized and get all the shots you need.
• Script
• Storyboard
• Brainstorm meetings etc.

Part 2: Production (Getting the Shot You Need)
Part 2 will explore filming tips and techniques. How to get the shot you need and filming with the concept of the final video in mind.
• Gear
• Lighting
• Audio

Part 3: Post-Production (Bringing Your Vision Together)
Part 3 goes over the editing process. How to organize all your footage and files and what tools you can use to edit video.
• File organization/management
• Basics of editing