Here are the “Good Shooting” Video Contest entries.

Here’s a sample of what the judges said:

I thought [the video] was clearly outstanding indicating as it does the variety of Regimental life and its focus on the faces of his Regiment. Extremely well edited with a clear yet almost subliminal message in both languages.

[The video stood out] with a well crafted historical introduction followed by a transition to an impressive depiction of an outstanding Reserve Force unit.

I loved [the] historical footage and also [the]message which was at a high level speaking as it does to the distinctiveness of The Royal Regiment as a whole.

Using a “1 Second Everyday” technique – which is very trendy – this video could be used as a recruiting video on-line or on TV in its current form. Video/picture clips spoke to the diversity, camaraderie, and family aspect of The Royal Regiment, as well as the challenges, adventure, teamwork, operational impact and life-long family that is the RCA. Audio was of excellent quality, images were extremely well-chosen and reflective of the Artillery we wish to promote, text was in both OLs + INSPIRATIONAL/EXCITING, and this will resonate with the younger generations. Extremely well done!

This video was evocative, extremely well-scripted, demonstrated the historical impact of Gunners over time, reinforced the family that is The Royal Regiment, and tugged at the heart strings on a number of occasions. Video techniques were very tastefully employed, and did not detract from the message. Loved the story that this video told – we serve the Guns, Gunners have rose to every challenge and set the example, regardless of background, we are a team, we are an unbreakable family in life and death, we inspire, we innovate, we are technical and tactical experts. This was the ONLY video that incorporated guns, STA and AD, which speaks to the true diversity of the Artillery, and was produced in both FR and EN to an exceptional standard in terms of videography and sound quality. Hugely impressive from my perspective – gave me chills and made me so proud of who we are and what we do!

This was a beautiful video. I loved the opening image of the UBIQUE 150 patch, followed by a [regimental] gun marker. Subtle yet hugely evocative. Video/picture clips spoke to the diversity and camaraderie of The Royal Regiment, as well as the challenges, adventure and teamwork that is the RCA. Audio was of excellent quality and the video was extremely well-chosen and reflective of the Artillery we wish to promote. The music was magically complementary and classy, sub-titles were in English, allowing for max accessibility, videography was STUNNING, this could be used as a recruiting video in its current form. Bravo//felicitations!!

I loved the historical start with inspiring musical accompaniment transitioning into much edgier 2021 videography. Told a story over time without even stating it, which is tough. Beautiful synchronization of guns firing with selected music, demonstrates the challenges of artillery operations in all seasons and highlights diversity of our Regimental family as well as our ceremonial responsibilities. Sound and video quality was superb, videography fantastic, and was a quiet, tasteful reflection of who we are…quiet professionals.

[The fully animated video] represents an outstanding artistic effort (even an original soundtrack) and should, I think, be recognized as such.

[The] production values are exceptionally high. It will be a great recruiting piece for [The Royal Regiment].

I loved the very clear story that this video told – from its history to its Op PALACI avalanche control task to why those who serve the Regt love their job. Those interviewed were confident, well-spoken, and demonstrative of the incredibly family that we are. Audio was quite clear, music was tasteful, imagery was stunning, and this video spoke to who it is we are. Well done!

[This video] speaks to the valuable presence of six Gunner brass-reed bands in The Royal Regiment and allows the three members to express their views to a significantly greater extent that in any of the others.  It has almost a documentary feel and the final montage of musicians imparts a strong feeling of teamwork and unity that made me proud.

The video contest in and of itself has turned out to be a great UBIQUE 150 initiative. Good Shooting to all involved!

Brigadier-General (Ret’d) | Brigadier-général (ret) J.J. Selbie, OMM, CD, Colonel Commandant

The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery

We are pleased to announce the winners of the UBIQUE 150 “Good Shooting” video contest!

  • 1st Prize – OUTCAN LCol Joe O’Donnell and family – We are Gunners/Nous sommes Artilleurs

  • 2nd Prize – 56th Field Artillery Regiment, lead by Bdr Kyle Runnquist –  Where Right and Glory Leads: Canada’s Guns of UBIQUE 150 / Là où le droit et la gloire mènent: les Canons Canadiens de l’UBIQUE 150

  • 3rd Prize – 1 RCHA, lead by Capt Eric Taborowski – 1 RCHA – UBIQUE 150