//UBIQUE 150 Commemorative Envelope

The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery is pleased to announce that Canada Post is releasing an attractive envelope commemorating the sesquicentennial of the formation of A and B Batteries on 20 October 1871.

The envelope will be officially unveiled on 7 August of this year with a presentation in Kingston during the re-dedication of the RCHA memorial.  It is expected that this item will be a great keepsake of the UBIQUE 150 commemoration year.

The envelopes are a collector’s item and not intended for mailing. They will sell for $3.00 each or $2.00 if pre-ordered in bulk by an organization such as a unit.

RHQ will make an announcement when pre-orders can be made.  We invite you to check the Canada Post site https://www.canadapost-postescanada.ca/shop/collectors/commemorative-envelopes.jsf for other information.

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