RCA Stamps

All Gunners, whether they be stamp collectors or simply want to show their gunner pride during this UBIQUE 150 commemorative year, will appreciate these unique RCA Stamps.

LCol (Ret’d) John B McNair describes the steps to create and order your own specialty RCA Stamps:

“The process is not difficult. Note that Canada Post has contacted several of those who ordered to ask if they have permission to use the flag image. The response “it is a CAF and therefore government image available in the public domain” has always sufficed.

Here is the link to the website: https://www.picturepostage.ca/en

Follow the process. Begin by hitting “Customize a Stamp”; doing so takes one to the Background. The commemorative envelope uses the “Dots” background but another can be chosen. Next pick “Landscape” and select the number of stamps desired (12, 25 or 50). Hit “Customize”. Next upload the flag image and centre it, with “Add Image”. It will fit very nicely, no worry. Hit “Continue”. If Domestic rate is required (it usually is), pick that, and the number of booklets desired (one can also pick the rate for either USA or International, but all the stamps will have that rate). “Review” (and change if necessary) is next, then add the product(s) to the cart. Then proceed to the checkout, pay with a credit card (an account is created) and that’s about it. It takes 10-14 days to receive the stamps.”

Here is an image file you can use to create your own stamps: https://rca-arc.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/CANA4004__34560.1580475715.1280.1280-v2.jpg

Recommended minimum size: 2+ MB
Format: JPEG, PNG, PDF or GIF