The Canadian Gunner

The Canadian Gunner is an annual non-public journal produced by RHQ RCA on behalf of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery. It gathers annual articles from all entities of The Royal Regiment.  Its format has changed over time, but it always provides a comprehensive snapshot of the Regiment as it was in that year.

The Canadian Gunner Digitization Project

The purpose of this project is to convert paper copies of  The Canadian Gunner (1965 – 2002) into digital format for long term preservation and on-line archival access on our website. These volumes reflect the daily life of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery and contain a wealth of facts and insights.  Thanks to donations old editions from members of the Regiment, two paper copy sets of The Canadian Gunner are retained at RHQ RCA.

Update: File uploads are continuing, links below will become active as the editions are added.

Please note some years are quite large files and may take a few minutes to load on your computer.