//The Post-War Schools

The Post War Schools

Shilo had been home to A3 Canadian Artillery Training Centre (CATC) during World War 2 and provided ranges for A4 CATC located in Brandon. A3 was re-named as The Royal Canadian School of Artillery (RCAS) following the War and remained in Shilo as the sole school for field, medium and anti-tank artillery. The Coast Defence School soon closed, and with the closure of the 1st LAA Regiment and The RCAS (AA) in Picton in 1960, the only remaining school of artillery was at Shilo. All existing disciplines within the artillery were taught there.
The School would remain in Shilo until 1970, when it was moved to Gagetown together with the Infantry and Armour schools (the title “Royal” was dropped from the various Army schools when the services integrated in 1968). They formed the Combat Arms School, part of the Combat Training Centre in CFB Gagetown. On 11 July 2007, the School was re-designated as The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery School (RCA School).

A Soldier Apprentice Training Battery was formed in Shilo in September 1954. This program allowed 16-year-old boys to enrol for a two-year combined academic and military training program. The Battery produced highly trained graduates, many of whom rose to the highest NCO and officer ranks, until its closure in June 1967.

1956 saw the birth of The RCA Depot at Shilo. The Depot undertook Gunner recruit training for both field and anti-aircraft artillery. It was the sole source of basic Gunner recruits until 15 May 1968 when the last squad (#164) completed their “Passing-Out Parade”. The Regiment was without a central depot for the training of Gunners until 19 September 1981, with the formation of The RCA Battle School in Shilo. This much-needed School again gave The Royal Regiment a steady supply of consistently trained soldiers. It trained all Regular Force recruits, and numerous serials of Reservists, in gunnery until June 1997, when it was disbanded. The RCA School in Gagetown eventually assumed responsibility for again conducting centralized basic gunnery training.

A new AD School was established at CFB Chatham in 1985 as part of the “re-birth” of AD within The Regiment. The School had 119 AD Bty under command. In 1995, the Air Defence Artillery School and 119 AD Battery were moved to CFB Gagetown, and in 1996 the Field and Air Defence Artillery Schools were again amalgamated.


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