Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem

The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem recognizes Canadians who have performed or are prepared to perform good services for the Order, mainly through its two foundations, the St. John Eye Hospital in Jerusalem and the St. John Ambulance Association and Brigade. There are five main levels to the Order and usually, one is admitted at the lowest grade and is later promoted through the grades after some standard period of time. The grades are Bailiff or Dame Grand Cross, Knight or Dame of Justice or of Grace, Commander, Officer and Serving Member.

Bailiff and Dame Grand Cross
Brigadier G.E. Beament CM OBE GCStJ ED CD QC

Knight or Dame of Justice or Grace
Colonel The Honourable J.R Matheson OC KStJ CD QC
Major N.L. Stewart KStJ CD
Captain The Right Honourable R.G.B. Dickson PC CC KStJ CD
Honorary Colonel J.M. Cody KStJ CD

Colonel S.A. Magnacca CM CStJ ED CD
Lieutenant-Colonel H.P. Mundell CStJ CD
Honorary Colonel R.J. Felstead CStJ CD

Major-General The Honourable R.A. Dallaire OC CMM GOQ MSC OStJ CD
Brigadier-General R.G. Heitshu OStJ CD
Colonel D.B. Walton OMM OStJ CD
Colonel J.P. Jeffries OStJ CD
Captain R.L. Green OStJ CD
Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel D.R. Rae OStJ CD

Serving Member
Brigadier-General C.E. Beattie CMM MStJ CD
Colonel G.E. Burton MStJ CD
Lieutenant-Colonel R.W. Elliott OMM MStJ CD
Lieutenant-Colonel M.D. McKay MStJ CD AdeC
Major M.T.A. Calnan MStJ CD
Chief Warrant Officer J.J.G. Aubé MMM MStJ CD

Major Rod Matheson EsqStJ CD