Departmental Awards

Departmental Awards are intended to recognize deeds or activities beyond the demand of normal duty. They include the CDS Commendation, Minister of Veteran Affairs Commendation and Command Commendations.

CDS Commendation

The Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) Commendation is awarded by the Chief of the Defence Staff to recognize deeds or activities beyond the demand of normal duty.

Captain IM-E Begin CD
Sergeant SJY Belval CD
Sergeant JC Bouchard
Bombardier MA Chouinard
Master Bombardier IMR Corbeil
Colonel LC Dalton
Major VA De Waal CD
Master Warrant Officer DW Downard CD
Captain WA Baxter CD
Lieutenant-Colonel JECP Beauchamp CD
Lieutenant-Colonel IM-E Begin CD
Colonel LHPS Boucher CD
Lieutenant-Colonel KLA Bouckaert CD
Major AG Charchuck CD
Lieutenant-Colonel JF Claveau CD
Major CD Comeau CD
Gunner AJ Comeau
Bombardier EW Cornect
Lieutenant-Colonel GF Dame CD
Major SJ Destrempes CD
Lieutenant-Colonel MJ Draho CD
Lieutenant-Colonel RS Dunn CD
Lieutenant-Colonel SK Fortin CD
Major JJG Garant CD
Major FH Gould CD
Major JJJR Gratton CD
Lieutenant-Colonel GJ Hardwick
Lieutenant-Colonel SA Heer CD
Colonel DG Henley
Major SJ Hunter MSM CD
Major BC Insley CD
Colonel GW Ivey MSM CD
Lieutenant-Colonel DB Jones CD
Major BH Kelly CD
Colonel FK LaForge CD
Sergeant K Luce CD
Colonel JDS Masson MSM CD
Warrant Officer PG McIntyre CD
Lieutenant-Colonel MD McKay MStJ CD AdeC
Colonel BWG McPherson CD
Colonel IA Miezitis CD
Master Warrant Officer RJ Montague MMM CD
Lieutenant-Colonel RA Moore CD
Master Bombardier NJ Morrell CD
Major PL Plemel CD
Major F Poitras
Lieutenant-Colonel DB Prendergast CD
Chief Warrant Officer JAM Provencher MMM CD
Bombardier KJ Ranshaw
Bombardier SP Ricard
Chief Warrant Officer SA Rice MMM CD
Colonel JJ Richard CD
Chief Warrant Officer (Master Gunner) CA Rigby MMM CD
Major MW Riopelle CD
Lieutenant-Colonel NS Roby MSM CD
Master Warrant Officer JNE Saint-Pierre
Brigadier-General JJ Selbie OMM CD
Colonel CG Simonds CD
Major CS Sines
Lieutenant-Colonel RD Smid MMM MB CD
Master Warrant Officer AM Snodgrass
Colonel Tim Sparling CD
Major RT Stimpson CD
Colonel MJC Sullivan CD
Major CF Walker CD
Major NJ Williams CD

Minister of Veteran Affairs Commendation

The Minister of Veteran Affairs Commendation recognizes the diverse scope and range of work performed in contribution to the care and well-being of Veterans, or to the remembrance of the contributions, sacrifices and achievements of Veterans. It is awarded to individuals who have performed commendable service to the Veteran community and/or individuals who represent commendable role models for their fellow Veterans.

Second Lieutenant, Reverend Gordon William Barrett
Reverend Barrett has been an integral part of the military community for more than 30 years. He is the founding Pipe Major of the British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught’s Own) Irish Pipes and Drums and held that position from 1990 to 2007. In 2007, he was appointed Honourary Captain and Director of Music with the British Columbia Regiment, and was then appointed Honourary Captain and volunteer Chaplain with the 15th Field Regiment Association, Royal Canadian Artillery, in 2009. In his role as Chaplain, Reverend Barrett has offered counsel to reservists and their families on issues ranging from overseas deployment to injuries. Reverend Barrett is a Cadet Instructor’s Cadre Officer with the 2472 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps. He organizes Remembrance Day ceremonies at BC’s head office of the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, where he was formerly employed. These events are attended by current employees where special distinction is given to retired CAF staff. Reverend Barrett also assists at other commemorative ceremonies in the community where he has acted as emcee, chaplain and has conducted remembrance services at the George Derby Centre, home to 300 war Veterans.
Major James (Jim) Barrett CD
Mr. Barrett is the Commanding Officer of the 2290 British Columbia Regiment Army Cadet Corps. He has served for more than 30 years as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Reserves. He is currently a member of the Royal Canadian Military Institute and Past President of the Vancouver Garrison Officers’ Society. Over the past decade, he has been responsible for organizing the annual Military Ball in Vancouver, which honours both serving and retired military soldiers, sailors, and aircrew. Mr. Barrett has encouraged support for Veterans by involving cadets in the annual Poppy Day collection drives and in the annual Christmas Bingo events at George Derby Veterans Centre and Shaughnessy Hospital. He has arranged to have the regimental band participate in events, and had the regiment’s historic Second World War truck, limber and howitzer cannon brought for display. Mr. Barrett participated in the B.C. Day 150th year “Salute to our Veterans” celebration in 2008, the George Derby Veterans Centre annual September Celebrations from 2010 to 2012, and in the 2011 and 2012 ceremonies commemorating the Korean War, held in Burnaby Central Park. He also represented the CAF at the Walk for Korean War Veterans and Peace. He is currently a director with the British Columbia Regiment Association.
Brigadier-General E.B. Beno OMM CD
BGen (Retd) Ernest Beno has dedicated 12 years of his life to the growth and sustainability of the Juno Beach Centre. He currently serves on the board of directors and has demonstrated commitment, leadership and dedication to honoring the legacy of our Veterans. His leadership has been instrumental in the development of fundraising and stakeholder relations for the Association.
Throughout his tenure with the Juno Beach Centre, he has displayed strong leadership qualities, guiding the Association through both challenges and milestones, including the recent Pandemic and the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. Furthermore, his vision for the future of the Juno Beach Centre and its contemporary Canada permanent exhibition was instrumental and led to the successful renewal of the Faces of Canada Today gallery and exhibition that honours and highlights the legacies of modern Veterans and how they walk in the footsteps of our Second World War Veterans.
BGen (Retd) Beno established a distinguished group of patrons to assist the Juno Beach Centre Association board with its fundraising efforts and initiatives which have been particularly noteworthy in securing the financial resources necessary for the continued support of the Association. He is noted as the top fund raiser and distance holder in their Virtual Remembrance Day Race.
He is instrumental in identifying and recruiting experienced new members to the board and his ability to engage with diverse stakeholders, including donors and sponsors, has been instrumental in fostering support and cultivating partnerships. His work on the five-year strategic plan has provided vision and has significantly contributed to the growth and sustainability of the Juno Beach Centre, ensuring that the sacrifices and achievements of our Veterans are remembered and honored for generations to come.
Currently, BGen (Retd) Beno is also part of the committee working on the Tribute to Canada monument, which will be a lasting tribute to Canada from the citizens of the Netherlands for the significant role Canada played in their country’s liberation during the Second World War. The monument will be unveiled during the ceremonies marking the 80th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands on May 5, 2025.
Lieutenant-General (ret’d) Louis (Lou) Wilhelmus Franciscus Cuppens CMM CD
Mr. Louis Cuppens is a retired Veteran of the Canadian Forces. He enrolled in the Army in 1960 and rose steadily through the ranks until his retirement in 1998 as Deputy-Commander-in-Chief of the North American Aerospace Defense Command. Mr. Cuppens serves as the National President of the Last Post Fund and has served with distinction on the Board of the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires. As a member of The Royal Canadian Legion, Mr. Cuppens is chair of their Defence Committee. He is chair of the New Brunswick Aerospace and Defence Association. Mr. Cuppens volunteers at the Saint John Regional Hospital and assists with humanitarian activities at his local parish. A number of other organizations which assist Veterans have benefited from his considerable expertise. Mr. Cuppens’ varied interests and experience contribute greatly to the betterment of Canada’s Veterans.
Honorary Colonel Allan De Genova
Allan De Genova is nominated for contributions to military personnel, first responders, Veterans and their families with Honour House Society. He is the “driving force” behind the establishment of Honour House Society and has been its President for over a decade. Through his tireless work, he secured the support of many organizations and individuals, and his vision came to fruition when Honour House opened its doors in 2010. Honour House Society is a non-profit, charitable organization that seeks to provide a “home away from home” and place to recover for military personnel and first responders while they are receiving medical care or coping with a tragedy. Since opening, Honour House has provided over 10,000 nights of accommodation in a heritage home. Recently, Honour House Society launched Honour Ranch, which will offer access to natural, agricultural and environmental treatments and will have mental health professionals available on site. Scheduled to open in 2020, the 120 acre property in Ashcroft, BC contains ten separate cottages and a main lodge. He has made the opening of Honour Ranch a priority and, despite running a real estate marketing company, has poured “hours, days, and weeks” of his time in support of our Veterans. He also worked to raise the over $1.2 million dollars required to refurbish the largest cenotaph in Greater Vancouver.
Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel Donald Graydon Foster
Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel Donald Graydon Foster is nominated for his work in commemorating the service of Canadian Veterans and for his support of Veterans’ well-being. For more than 12 years, he has been volunteering his time and his philanthropic fundraising expertise to preserve the memory of Veterans. His efforts to preserve Veterans’ and military heritage is exemplified through the creation, the funding and the promotion of the Juno Beach Centre Legacy of Honour Veteran Video program. He has helped facilitate the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the 100th anniversary of the 15th Field Artillery Regiment, poster unveilings, book launches and many local initiatives celebrating resident Veterans. On his own initiative, he helped facilitate the creation of the Private Ernest David Harrison Monument in Leuth, Netherlands. The monument is dedicated to Pte Ernest David Harrison’s memory and provides a formal marker for his final resting place. His notable contributions to Veterans’ well-being include coordinating information sessions regarding the Canadian Defense Community Banking Program, hosting 39 Brigade members and their families to movie nights, mess dinners and other activities. He has taken particular interest in helping the few remaining D-Day Veterans in his community. He visits them on a regular basis, ensures they attend commemorative events and ceremonies and has even agreed to help with funeral arrangements.
Lieutenant-Colonel (ret’d) James Hubel CD
Mr. Hubel served in the 7th Toronto Regiment of the Royal Canadian Artillery, Militia Officers Training School and Land Force Central Area Headquarters for 36 years. He was president of the Royal Canadian Artillery Association and a member of the Advisory Council of the Army Cadet League of Canada. Mr. Hubel was an aide de camp to the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, and was appointed deputy chief aide de camp before he retired in 2013. Since retiring, Mr. Hubel volunteers endless hours to many charitable causes, with particular interest in advocating for Veterans at the Sunnybrook Veterans Centre. He is a leader of their Wheelchair Escort Program, and a member of both the Veterans Advisory Committee and, until recently, the Comfort Fund. Over the past sixteen years, Mr. Hubel was a key player in the restoration of the Veterans Chapel. He is a member of Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) Fort York Branch 165, where he served as the president and is the current Sunnybrook Liaison Officer.
Honorary Colonel George Lynch Staunton CD
Honourary Colonel (Retired) Lynch-Staunton is a Second World War wounded D-Day Veteran and a distinguished Canadian Forces Veteran. He served as Honourary and Senior Aide de Camp to three lieutenant governors of Alberta. Colonel Lynch-Staunton has been involved with and held numerous positions in many military associations such as: past national president and life member of the Royal Canadian Artillery Association; past president and life member of the Edmonton United Services Institution; founding president of the Lethbridge United Services Institute; member of the Cadet Services of Canada; founding delegate of The Army Cadet League of Canada; member of the Navy League of Canada; member of The Royal Canadian Legion (RCL); Past-President of the Alberta Provincial Judges Association, Past Provincial Commissioner for St. John Ambulance Brigade, and member of the Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies. Presently, he is Associate Director of the Canada Normandy Project/Juno Beach Centre. Colonel Lynch-Staunton is a recipient of the RCL’s 65-year pin and is a past treasurer of Branch #76.
Gunner (ret’d) Paul Emile Antonio Joseph Métivier
One of the last surviving Veterans of the Great War, Mr. Paul Métivier is an ambassador for Veterans. In addition to his stalwart service to the nation early in the life of the 20th Century, Mr. Métivier raised a family and continued to contribute to the common good of the nation. As a strong advocate of Veterans’ Week and commemorative events, Mr. Métivier has been actively involved in the celebration of Veterans’ accomplishments and in the commemoration of their sacrifice. For the past several years, he has graciously accepted to represent Veterans at commemorative ceremonies, in particular but not exclusively, at events held during Veterans’ Week. Mr. Métivier is consistently sought out by the media, for he is well known in Ottawa for his integrity, humility, intelligence and sense of humour. In 1998, on the occasion of the 80th Anniversary of the end of the First World war, Mr. Métivier travelled to Vimy, France, where he was presented with the Legion of Honour during a commemorative ceremony. Upon his return to Canada, a certificate of appreciation for his selfless contribution to the war effort, signed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, was presented to him by the Minister of Veterans Affairs. In addition to several pilgrimages and numerous media interviews, Mr. Métivier accepted to attend the ceremony of the repatriation of the remains of The Unknown Soldier from French soil in May 2000. This event was very significant to him as his own pilot son was shot down in Europe during the Second World War. As a knowledgeable voice of the Great War, Mr. Métivier has participated in several foreign documentaries on the Great War, both for film and television. Mr. Métivier provided the producers with an oral account of his personal experience on the Western Front during the First World War. These precious interviews and documentaries are an enduring reminder of those brave Veterans who sacrificed so much for their country. In addition to faithfully attending the annual November 11th ceremony at the National War Memorial, Mr. Métivier has accepted annual invitations from the Canadian War Museum to attend their ceremony on the 11th and to meet the visiting public and respond to questions from Canadians about his role in the First World War. At a 102 years of age, Mr. Métivier continues to fascinate visitors with personal glimpses into his experience.
Warrant Officer (ret’d)Glenn Miller CD
Glenn Miller has been actively helping Veterans and commemorating their sacrifices for many years. A Veteran himself, he has been a member of the Royal Canadian Legion, General Stewart Branch for 19 years, with over a decade as Branch Service Officer. Glenn Miller volunteers with and is a founding member of the Lethbridge Military Museum. He also regularly lectures on Canada’s military history through the Memory Project. Glenn serves as the president of Lethbridge United Services Institute, president of Alberta branch of the Last Post Fund and is an individual member of the Organization of Military Museums of Canada.
Glenn Miller was Branch Service Officer with the Royal Canadian Legion for over a decade. He assisted Veterans with their applications for pensions and benefits, transported Veterans to medical appointments and visited local Veterans. He also helped members and families replace lost medals and apply for memorial ribbons, educated families on Canada’s Books of Remembrance and helped obtain copies of the pages. He also participates in the honour guard at funerals as part of Gabriel Angels, offering comfort and support to families. Glenn remains actively involved in the annual Poppy Campaign working with local media and assists local schools with planning of remembrance programs leading up to Veterans’ Week.
Glenn actively engages youth whenever possible to promote remembrance. He conducts field trips to cenotaphs, teaching students what a cenotaph is, how to properly lay a wreath and about the history of the poppy. He organized the planting of 300 poppies by students for the 70th anniversary of D-Day. Glenn was the driving force behind the refurbishment of the Field of Honour and the Immortal Flame in Mountain View Cemetery in Lethbridge, Alberta. In doing so, he recruited two cadets to assist in repainting the memorial gates to the Field of Honour monument, giving them a sense of pride in doing something positive to remember Veterans’ sacrifices.
Glenn works closely with the Indigenous community and has worked to promote and acknowledge their military service. Glenn worked with elders to develop a bilingual Blackfoot and English poster of “In Flanders Fields” which was unveiled on Indigenous Veterans’ Day in 2021.
Glenn played a key role in marking the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge in Southern Alberta. He worked to create a Vimy Ridge display for the city of Lethbridge. He also assisted in the planning and execution of a commemorative ceremony for the community of Waterton Parks. He arranged participation by the Canadian Armed Forces, the United Kingdom, the RCMP and members of the Indigenous community.
Glenn Miller also serves as a volunteer and is one of the founding members of the Lethbridge Military Museum and regularly lectures on Canada’s military history and the contribution of Canadian Veterans as a speaker for the Memory Project.
Brigadier-General (ret’d) Donald A Pryer CD
Brigadier-General Donald Pryer joined the Primary Reserve in 1950 and his career over the next 55 years was one of remarkable achievement. He retired as Honorary Colonel of The Queen’s Own Rifles. Mr. Pryer continues to be very active as a member of The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada Trust Fund and Chairman of the Regimental Senate. In 2004, he represented the Regiment at D-Day ceremonies in France and he was one of the driving forces behind the fundraising for the Juno Beach Centre. Mr. Pryer was one of the founders of Reserve 2000 and he has devoted considerable time and energy advancing the interests of Canada’s reservists. Among his many honours, he is Past President of the Canadian Infantry Association, Past Director of the Royal Canadian Military Institute, Governor of the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires (Great Lakes) Division, former Chairman of the Conference of Defence Association and has been a member of the Royal Canadian Legion for 34 years.
Colonel (ret’d) Douglas Walton OMM CD
Colonel Walton is a retired Veteran of the Canadian Forces. Since retiring in 1992, Colonel Walton has dedicated considerable time to the Cadet Corps of Canada, St. John’s Ambulance, the British Columbia Dragoons and its Veterans Associations. In 1993, he became Chairman of the Okanagan Zone of the Army Cadet League of Canada and was responsible for seven Cadet Corps. He commanded the Vernon Army Cadet Camp and Summer Training Centre. In 2001, Colonel Walton became the Honorary Lieutenant Colonel of the British Columbia Dragoons and in 2009, he became the Honorary Colonel. Colonel Walton is a life member of the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps Association, the Canadian Airborne Forces Association and the Royal Canadian Artillery Association. Colonel Walton is President of an Association of Veterans sponsored by the British Columbia Dragoons and heads the remembrance activities of this Association in Kelowna. He is a regular speaker to youth at schools in Vernon and the primary speaker at the Vernon Remembrance Day service. He is an active member of The Royal Canadian Legion. Colonel Walton is head of the fundraising committee to support non-public funded activities for all members of the British Columbia Dragoons and for financial support to the three Regimental Cadets Corps and the Okanagan Military Museum. He is an advocate of the preservation of military artefacts.

Army Commander’s Commendation

The Army Commander’s Commendation is awarded to recognize deeds or activities beyond the demand of normal duty. Members are recognized for a contribution affecting or reflecting well on the command.

Master Warrant Officer AM Snodgrass

Commander Canadian Expeditionary Force Command Commendation

The Commander Canadian Expeditionary Force Command is awarded to recognize deeds or activities beyond the demand of normal duty. Members are recognized for a contribution affecting or reflecting well on the command.

Warrant Officer Maurice Campbell