Former Commanding Officers

84th Independent Field Battery, RCA
Major MV Roesler

1946-1968 84th Field Battery, RCA

1943-1946 84th (Reserve) Field Battery, RCA

1940-1942 6th (Reserve) Anti-Aircraft Battery, RCA

1939-1940 6th Anti-Aircraft Battery, RCA

1935-1939 84th Field Battery (Howitzer), RCA

1925-1935 84th Field Battery (Howitzer), Canadian Artillery

1920-1925 84th Battery, Canadian Field Artillery

1912-1920 29th Battery, Canadian Field Artillery

1906-1912 No. 4 Battery, 7th Nova Scotia Regiment, Canadian Artillery

1905-1906 No. 6 Company, 1st Halifax Regiment, Canadian Artillery

1899-1905 No. 8 Company, 1st Halifax Regiment, Canadian Artillery

1895-1899 Yarmouth Company of Garrison Artillery, Canadian Artillery

1893-1895 Yarmouth Company of Garrison Artillery

1878-1892 Yarmouth Battery of Garrison Artillery