56th Field Artillery Regiment, RCA

Contact Information:

56th Field Artillery Regiment RCA
Sergeant William Merrifield VC Armoury
18 Brant Avenue
Brantford, Ontario
N3T 3G5

Tel: 519-752-1642

69th Field Battery RCA
Simcoe Armoury
27 Grigg Drive
Simcoe, Ontario
N3Y 4L1

Tel: 519-426-3493

10th Field Battery RCA
St. Catharines Armoury
81 Lake Street
St. Catharines, Ontario
L2R 5X3

Tel: 905-685-6777

Commanding Officer:  Lieutenant-Colonel P.J.E. Pitt CD
Regimental Sergeant Major: 
Master Warrant Officer J.W. McDonald CD

Active Sub-units: 10th Field Battery RCA (St. Catharines); 54th Field Battery RCA (Brantford); 69th Field Battery RCA (Simcoe)
Non-Active Sub-unit: 169th Field Battery RCA

Perpetuations: The Provincial Artillery Company; Provincial Royal Artillery Drivers (The Car Brigade); 1st and 2nd Regiments of Norfolk Militia (1812-15); 41st Battery, Canadian Field Artillery, CEF, 4th, 36th, 114th, 125th, 133rd, and 215th “Overseas” Battalions, CEF

Parent Brigade Formation: 31st Canadian Brigade Group
Parent Division Formation: 4th Canadian Division

Honorary Colonel Paul Williamson
Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel Paul General

Theatre Honour: Defence of Canada, 1812 – 1815
Battle Honours: Queenston, Niagara, and Detroit
Association: 56th Field Artillery Regiment Association
Museum:  Niagara Military Museum
Birthday: 28 September 1866
Online History: Directorate of History and Heritage

Affiliated Cadet Corps:
2659, 56th Field Artillery Regiment Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps, Brantford, ON
2835 56th Field Artillery Regiment Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps, Niagara Falls ON
2853 Simcoe Legion Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps, Artillery Cadet Corps, Simcoe, ON
2966 Royal Canadian Artillery Cadet Corps, Fort Erie, ON
162 Ridley College Cadet Corps, St. Catharines, ON

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Former Commanding Officers
Former Regimental Sergeants Major
Former Honoraries