4th Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery

This Regular Force regiment originated in Wainwright, Alberta on 10 Apr 1952, when the 81st Field Regiment, RCA was authorized to be formed. It was redesignated the 4th Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery on 16 October 1953. It was reduced to nil strength on 16 July 1970.

The batteries of the 81st Field Regiment were raised as Active Force sub-units on the framework of Reserve Force batteries (205th, 213th, and 216th Field Batteries) to be used as replacements for the ’79th Field Regiment, RCA’, which was tasked for service in Germany with the 27th Canadian Infantry Brigade Group. The 81st Field Regiment was embodied in the Canadian Army Special Force on 1 March 1953 for service in Korea. The regiment served in theatre from April 1953 to May 1954 as part of the 25th Canadian Infantry Brigade Group, 1st Commonwealth Division

Sub-units: K Battery, L Battery, M Battery, HQ & Services Battery
Birthday:  16 October 1953
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History and Uniform of the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery, 1871 to 1970

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