UBIQUE 150 LogoUBIQUE 150 Commemorative items

Official UBIQUE 150 sleeve patch.

Available for purchase online and at Canex stores.

*This Patch is available for purchase to the general public from Canex. Nothing precludes them from wearing them in a respectful manner.

Ubique 150 Lapel Pin

Available in selected stores and online at Canex

UBIQUE 150 Coin

Available in selected stores and online at Canex

UBIQUE 150 stickersCommemorative Stickers 4″x4″

Available in the members’ only portal.

*Quantities of these stickers are being shipped directly to the units for all serving members.

Commemorative UBIQUE 150 Whisky Glass

Available in selected stores and online at Canex.

The perfect accessory for your UBIQUE 150 themed beverage station!

  • 11oz clear old fashioned glass
  • Heavy base glass with a unique tapered shape

RCAA commemorative whiskeyThe RCA Association is proud to announce a special commemorative edition of 10 year old Whisky, produced by Glenora Distillers in Nova Scotia.  Orders can be placed at the Glen Breton website.


In 1871, most British troops in Canada were withdrawn. “A” and “B” Batteries were formed to take their place in manning the fortifications at Kingston and Quebec and as schools of gunnery for the Active Militia – symbolizing in both roles Canada’s new responsibility for its own defence.

150 years later, The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery, comprises 25 units represented in 33 towns and cities from Victoria to Yarmouth. Its more than 4000 members, Regular and Reservist alike, continue to serve proudly at home and abroad, in keeping with its motto, “UBIQUE” – “everywhere”, and mindful of the of legacy of those Gunners who have gone before.

Since 1876, The Royal Canadian Artillery Association has promoted the effectiveness and welfare of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery and of all matters pertaining to the defence of Canada. UBIQUE 150 is an opportunity for us to strengthen the bonds of our Regimental Family, promote our contribution to the success of the Army, and increase Canadians’ awareness of our presence in their communities while expressing pride in who we are and what we do as Gunners.

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