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This year marks the sesquicentennial of the formation of A and B Batteries.

As part of the Regiment’s commemoration programme, UBIQUE 150, the Commander of the Canadian Army has approved all ranks of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery, including gunners posted to extra-regimental employment positions, to wear the UBIQUE 150 patch on the No. 5B Operational Dress (CADPAT). In order to avoid confusion and recognize the indispensable role of non-artillery members of The Royal Regiment in allowing us to shoot, move and communicate, it should be understood that all personnel in units of The Royal Regiment, regardless of trade, are welcome to wear the patch. The patch will be worn during the UBIQUE 150 commemorative period from 1 April to 4 December 2021 on the left sleeve below the Canadian Flag.

  • These patches are an optional dress item, though all Gunners are strongly encouraged to wear it with pride. As with other Canadian Army CADPAT patches, CANEX has been selected as the provider and will be offered for sale in both the retail stores and online at CANEX.ca in the near future. The patches may be purchased by individuals, or if desired, units may purchase them using their Non-Public Funds at which time soldiers will be expected to wear them under CO’s direction. Once a release date has been arranged, RHQ RCA will share this information via e-mail and social media. Only the patches manufactured and sold through CANEX are authorized.
  • This Patch is available for purchase to the general public from Canex. Nothing precludes them from wearing them in a respectful manner.
  • UBIQUE 150 Patch is now available for sale through Canex at the following link and not through RCA Kitshop.
    *Temporarily out of stock

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